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  • No Resort Fees
  • Free Concierge
  • Free WiFi
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What can do for you? is a local Key West Reservations Service helping you find the right hotel in the best locations without hidden fees.

We will only show you hotels in prime locations within the Old Town area of Key West. This is where Duval Street is, the daily sunset celebration, music and social venues like Sloppy Joes, Margaritaville, Hog’s Breath Saloon; great restaurants, Key West signature wooden houses, the best beaches; and fun activities like sunset sails, snorkel trips, jet ski rentals, fishing charters, etc.

Our hotels offer walkable locations. Once you settle in at your hotel, you can walk to all of the things you want to see and do in Key West. No driving into Old Town each day searching for a parking spot, wasting vacation time and costing extra money.

No resort fees. That’s right, your rate is your rate. And your pool towel will come gratis along with the pool and a chaise lounge chair. Unbelievable!

Free concierge services. Seriously …. the local hotels enjoy helping you find the activities and restaurants you want. We think it’s kind of what hospitality is about.

Plenty of free water. Some say Key West tap water is the best drink in town. (but we do like mojitos and strong Cuban coffee too)

Definitely free: high speed wifi service in your room and around the hotel property (including at your free chaise lounge by the free pool).
Wait, there is more: All the hotel offerings at provide a daily continental breakfast!! No nickel and dining you (more like $4) for coffee at a corporate hotel.

What the big on-line travel agencies won’t tell you:

Hidden Fees and Location Matters…
You’re excited because you just booked a hotel and got a great deal and low rate through the Online Travel Agencies like Expedia,, Priceline, Cheap Tickets. Sorry to rain on your parade but something is always left out of the online search tools – it’s those misleading mandatory resort fees and hidden charges. will only show you Key West Hotels without Resort Fees!

What you need to know about Resort Fees and Hidden Charges

  • Most resort fees are not included in the advertised prices for hotel rooms
  • It’s a way for hotels to add-on fees
  • Resort fees are mandatory and can be as high as $35 a day (remember, it’s added to that great low rate you book via online travel agency)
  • It’s a separate fee from your room rate and often hidden or in tiny tiny print somewhere
  • It is often a surprise to guests at check-in
  • Other names for resort fees: Amenity Fee | Facility Fee | Resort Charge | Package Fee | Service Fee | Transportation or Shuttle Fee | Destination Charge

We are sure there are other names floating around and Easy Joe will find out what they are and add to the list.

What do Resort Fees Cover?
Well this is an ongoing debate. We are really not sure but some have said it’s for the following:

Pool towel | Concierge | Water in your room | WiFi | Chaise lounge at the pool

The list goes on and on and none of it makes sense to us so that’s why you’ll never pay a resort fee in any of the Key West Hotels we recommend.

What if I don’t use the items listed in Resort Fee?
Sorry, it’s a mandatory charge.

How to avoid Resort Fees?
Do a little extra research and check with the hotel/resort directly. Call and ask if the hotel offers resort fees and/or hidden fees. You want to know before you go. It’s always best to book direct with hotels anyway that way there will be no surprises or extra charges upon arrival.

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Easy Joe has done the groundwork for you in Key West. The hotels recommended here do NOT charge resort fees and you won’t be surprised with any hidden fees.